Welcome to Korea Lighthouse

Welcome to Korea Lighthouse

Providing Comprehensive Solutions to Doing Business in South Korea

Korea Lighthouse provides business information and corporate research services based on our detailed knowledge of South Korean business regulations. We will help you navigate the regulations so that you can establish strong connections worry-free.

We value your time. With our professional, bilingual Korean researchers, we’ll help you conduct corporate research at competitive prices with fast turnaround times. Global business moves faster than ever before.

Never miss an opportunity. You can make smart and informed decisions quickly based on our work.

No more irritation and getting caught up in red tape trying to search through Korean databases. Let us take care of retrieving and organizing corporate data for you into a detailed and comprehensive report.

South Korea is a dynamic, developed country that is growing at a rapid pace. As the country continues to open up, it’s important to establish strong bonds with companies based on well-informed decisions.

Corporate Research Services

Official Corporate Registry

Official Corporate Registry of South Korean Company

The process of obtaining an official Korean corporate registry can be difficult. Currently, no official registry exists in English.

Signing up, installing plugins, preparing Korean payment methods, and accurately translating the registry are just a few additional potential stumbling blocks.

We take care of the entire process in-house and deliver an official Korean corporate registry with a complete summary report in English.

Annual Business Report

Official Business Report of South Korean Company

Public companies and businesses subject to external audit must disclose detailed information—including financial statements, shareholders, and affiliates—via annual audit or business reports.

These annual audits and business reports contain key information—information you need to know to make informed decisions and good business connections. We are familiar with all of the registries and regulations you’ll need to establish a strong business relationship.

Get financial statements, shareholder reports, and business affiliate information delivered in a clear and concise format.

Derogatory Information

Derogatory Information in South Korea

Know who you’re dealing with and avoid unpleasant surprises. Potentially damaging information can be difficult to uncover if the partners are based in a foreign country. You may not know where to look to get the full picture. An overlooked record or issue in translation could be costly.

We thoroughly check 20+ official databases looking for any litigation, bankruptcies, and regulatory and law enforcement action.

3 Reasons to Choose Korea Lighthouse

1. Always Fresh, Never Outdated

We are constantly updating our records and refreshing our sources to ensure the reports we provide to you are relevant. We deliver the latest available information in a corporate research report format tailored to your needs.

2. One-stop Solution

No need to hire multiple agencies for all your research and translation needs. We provide it all in one place, saving you valuable time and resources.

3. Competitive Pricing and Fast Turnaround

We are confident that we offer the most competitive price and turnaround time in the industry. We’re committed to providing the most accurate and comprehensive reporting out there—we want you to succeed. Compare our services with competitors—request a quote and an example report today.

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